SuperfineLondon October 29, 2011

To feel “fine” or to say “fine” could mean a million things in the world. It could even get you into trouble. The word “fine” could also be an acronym to F-Freak out, I-Insecure, N-Narcotic and E-Emotional. But to be “superfine” is a totally different issue. Superfine is about super styling with a great attitude. It very well means the hot designer denim jeans from London.
Superfine London jeans was founded in 2003 by Lucy Pinter and Flora Evans. They are among the pioneers of the skinny jean silhouette frenzy rocking the fashion world today. They make rock and roll style jeans with a real London attitude. It’s a mixture of edgy punk and pure denim enthusiasm.

With fashion Liberty and design Fury, Superfine London presents their 2011-2012 Fall Winter Collection entitled “Gypsy Punk”. Superfinefounder, Lucy Pinter became fascinated with vintage “oiled” fabrics from old men and the image of Adam Ant and Vivienne Westwood at the funeral of “the Godfather of Punk”, Malcolm McLaren. The two ideas merged; thus, Sister Midnight and Fascination Man were born for this season. We see wools, creeper shoes, dark shades, deep colors, core denim pieces, Prince of Wales check patterns, Union Jacks, bondage details, old oiled leather materials and oversized zipper embellishments.
A new treatment called “Ghost” shows white paint overdyed in black which looks like cracked leather or an almost other worldly appearance. A similar look also shows in “Hide” which is available in purple and black. Furthermore, the “Pollution” treatment shows a subtle painted image.