Jagger Edge studded Iphone case February 6, 2012
Jagger Edge is HANDMADE with ♥ in CALIFORNIA, U.S.A.

It was in late 2010 that Alex and Gina coined the term “Techcessory™” + began creating chic, trending-luxury covers for iPhones & iPads.

It wasn’t long before their innovative, distinctive creations caught the attention of trendsetters worldwide, and the techcessory™ became a full-time business. Now working from a studio in Los Angeles, CA, Alex & Gina work exclusively with an in-house team who manage all production, public relations, online, and retail sales.

The Jagger Edge brand is in a state of constant evolution + expansion. Despite their sudden successes the Jagger Edge team remains humble + as excited about their collection as ever!! 

Handmade in California U.S.A. 100% fine leather and studs