Karma of Charme boots February 6, 2012

Born and raised in Italy’s most famous footwear industry district Civitanova Marche, shoemaker Alfonso founded Karma of Charme for his son Emanuele in 2006. The designs are inspired by the handmade moccasins of traditional Indian native American tribes that were introduced to Europe in the 70’s by the early hippies at the island of Ibiza.  

The boots have a boho-look and an extremely comfortable feel. Further, their – invisible – heal not only enables you to move more elegantly than regular flat boots do, 
but also extends your legs by some 2 inch.
What more do you wish for? Karma of Charme boots represent refined traditional Italian craftmanship because they are handmade, luxuriously decorated and made of the finest leathers. 

 Although expanding rapidly by recent exploding demand for their boots, 
Karma of Charme remains the typical family business run by la Mama. 
She personally scans every single boot before it crossing the Italian borders which truly guarantees the famous ‘Made in Italy’ label.