Alice Dellal for CHANEL March 23, 2012
Karl Lagerfeld surprised everyone when he picked Alice Dellal, known as model-slash-socialite but mainly for having “punky” and “rocker” style, as the new face of his Boy Chanel handbag collection.

With her half-shaved head, tattoos and a couple of unconventionally placed piercings, Dellal was the perfect fit, said Chanel.
 she “represents the perfect incarnation of all that is unique about the Boy Chanel handbag collection, which strives [to be] far from conformist notions of femininity.”

Now the print ads are here and they’re just about as “punky” and “rocker” as you’d imagine: Dellal in her shaved head glory, wearing ripped, footless fishnet tights and a Chanel zip-up hoodie (and no pants). Oh, and carrying the new Boy bag.