Cobra Society Boots April 12, 2012

Alex Davis Of Cobra Society

What sets Cobra Society boots apart from others on the market?
The quality, craft and time it takes. The production of the leather and fabrics are all limited. The rugs take a month to produce and 400 hundred hands touch each pair. There are only a few factories in the world that do the Good Year Welt. Plus no one’s really done this before.

What outfits do you envision with the boots and what are some designers that work well with them?

The boots are kind of the pieces of the outfit, so for an outfit that’s accessories based. They really can be worn with everything from tailored suits to a little black dress from Zara. They can be dressed up or dressed down. People have worn them with Chloe and Stella McCartney down to GAP and J. Crew and they all look great.

Did you always know that you would get involved in design?
No, actually. I started out in press. I interned for Stella McCartney and worked for Bismarck Phillips here in Los Angeles and dabbled in styling.
What took you to Morocco?
I originally went there to study for the summer. I’ve always been drawn to that ethnic sensibility and I really wanted to support these women [who craft the rugs that make up the fabric for the boots]. This is what they do, this is what their mothers did, this is what their daughters will do.
What are your goals for Cobra Society?
To really develop it into a global luxury brand. Right now, it’s boots, but I’m already making handbags for
spring. Also, to expand my fabrics and materials.