Let me introduce you Elise Dray January 17, 2013
Fine Jewelry
Elise Dray’s world is a daring one, illuminated by the magical sparkle of diamonds. Having been initiated to French savoir-faire by taking courses in fine jewelry and gold smith’s trade at the BJOP School of The Louvre in Paris, Elise decided to express her talent and created her jewelry collection in 2009. Elise imagines a dream and fantastic world full of people with gems and objects to be desired. She loves to sculpt and pave gold with a multitude of precious stones, intensely bright, electrified cabochons dexterously mixing them with wood, onyx, diamonds, turquoise and rubies. Her bohemian mood and her non- conformist approach, provoke a neo-rock romantic shock. Her strong evocative and mythical power impregnates her jewelry, skin ornaments and body decors.

 The magnificent Golden Eagle becomes THE signature of Elise, in various versions. Snakes, all articulated, are dear to her and miniature Cobras are graphic colored rings, her famous Satine rings become Siamese and two-toned. A poetic scent and freshness emanate from her truly delicate creations, a nod to naturalism. 

Very near the legendary Place Vendome, Elise Dray unveils her neo romantic display at 7 rue de la Paix. A muted boudoir where Mediterranean influences with an ultra-glam Parisian spin are an ode to femininity.