Skin Feelings: Accessorize your bodyApril 30, 2013
Exclusive interview with Leslie Sulman, 
founder of Skin Feelings
Tell us your story:

2 years ago, I founded the e-shopping guide, a search engine where you can find the best fashion e-shop, and I also have a blog. 
I have a specific goal in mind: discover the most beautiful treasures of the web. 
I’m hunting every day.

How did you find the idea of ephemeral tattoos?

it is through my daily searches,that I noticed that there were lots of pictures of tattoos that circulated on blogs and pinterest, including those messages.
For all those who wish to adopt the trend without going through the final tattoo box, ephemeral messages would be a perfect alternative, and neither one nor two, I decided to founded the “Skin Feelings brand“. 

How to wear it?
You have to consider these short messages as a fashion accessory that you mix with ​​jewelry and then change according to your inspirations and your outfits.

How people react to this new product?

I opened the E-shop 3 weeks ago, and I already met a great success all over the world. 
It’s amazing how it can go very fast!