New Crush: Mlle MademoiselleJuly 30, 2013
Mlle represents stylish nonchalant and understated glamour.   Named for the fresh-faced, carefree consumer, Mlle embodies the elegance and feminine spirit of a modern woman.  Confident and brassy, the Mlle girl views the world as her playground and Mlle as the perfect playsuit for exploring it. 

Infusing her European sensibility and carefree beauty into each piece, their designer Kaya draws from her own experiences to create covetable collections. Born in Istanbul, trained in London and currently settled in Los Angeles, Kaya has soaked up street style across the globe and spun it into unique pieces.

With manufacturing facilities both in the US and Europe, their direct to consumer business model ensures reasonable pricing whilst focusing on quality fabrics and treatments to create a timeless product.  

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