The nate necklace by Diana Broussard November 12, 2013
Getting to know Diana Broussard:

After working for luxury goods companies including Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, and Gucci, Diana Broussard started her own line under her name. For the chic, urban female, Broussard creates her collections with the finest materials coupled with intricate, unexpected detailing and a sincere respect for Italian craftsmanship. Broussard is not solely a shoe designer, but also designs gems in plexiglass and metals in her jewelry collection, and db Intimo lingerie in silk.
The Diana Broussard name stands for uniquely designed aesthetically pleasing shoes t
hat are elegant classics that can be worn for the everyday. The DIana Broussard boutique opened in 2007.

What is your most exciting moment in fashion? 
It is when a woman comes into my boutique, puts on a necklace or a pair of shoes, and the accessories elevate her ensemble, and she feels terrific. I design for a wide range of women, who like being fashionable and want something aspirational. My designs are large statement pieces and yet not too “bling.” I always try to keep a fresh element or a touch of unexpectedness to my designs.   

What inspires you?
Discovering new leathers, Plexiglas colors and finishes, and fabrics. For this current collection, I was inspired by marble and glass, so I translated those elements into my Plexiglas finishes. 

How did you get into jewelry design?
Years ago, I designed underwear, shoes, and jewelry for Calvin Klein as well as a collaboration with Robert Lee Morris. Designing different categories gave me a lot of freedom as a designer. I started designing for my own collection after playing around with some shoe accessory components and realized that they looked amazing as a necklace. Following the success of my first season, I continued designing jewelry. 
What do you enjoy most about designing?
I love the design process. There is a process of eliminating the least important ideas from the more significant ones, and then expanding the bigger ideas into a complete collection. 
How do you want women to feel when they wear your pieces?
Powerful, modern, smart and chic.

you can buy it here

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you can buy it here

Diana Broussard‘s Nate necklace stands out from the crowd. Made of plexiglass and hand crafted from Italian artisans, no detail has been overlooked. 

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