Interior Design by Maxime Jacquet April 16, 2014
Belgian interior designer Maxime Jacquet redesigned the interior of this penthouse with pop fashion and high-rise views in Los Angeles. 

Maxime Jacquet, originally from Belgium, moved to the United States in 2008.  
He obtained his degree from University of Liege in Business, but always had a keen eye for design and had already fully immersed himself in the industry by the time he was a teen.  
Now Maxime has earned himself an elite status in the design industry as a curator and designer of lifestyles.   

 Maxime‚Äôs fusion of high-fashion into his interiors is one part of his signature style that has made him highly sought after by art collectors, fashion icons and celebrity personalities around the globe.  
Maxime loves to incorporate pieces into a space that would typically never be placed next to one another, whether spanning style or period, and create an unexpected contrast.  
Black and white, offset by bold pops of color through Contemporary art and photography throw a twist on an unexpected foundation.