Meringue Girls October 6, 2014


It was time for a new craze in baking, two chefs reinvented themselves as the Meringue Girls.

Hoffler, 27, and O’Gorman, 23, who met while working in a restaurant, came up with the idea behind Meringue Girls when they applied to be on a television show – Cooks to Market, hosted by the chef Gizzi Erskine – in 2011 and needed a product. ‘I thought, “We’ve had cupcakes, macarons, cake pops; what’s the next food trend? What about meringues?” ’ Hoffler says. ‘Ottolenghi had started putting giant meringues in its windows, but I wanted to take it to the next level and introduce exciting flavours and colours.’ Meringues are the perfect choice for financially strapped chefs, being cheap to make (two ingredients: eggs and sugar) and needing no specialist equipment – just the KitchenAid mixer Hoffler already owned. The concept came quickly, but developing the recipe took time.

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