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★ Hello everyone and welcome to the world of Lolita Abraham

My Universe

Born in Belgium in 1985. I grew up in the fashion industry with my parents founder of a famous kids brand in the 80`s.

Since my young age, I took part of the discussions about the collections and business strategies.

I always knew that I would continue on this path.

I moved to Shanghai in 2008 where I launched a new kids brand.

I started also to develop new concepts for several brands,

My job is to create new shopping experience with  attractive concept for new or old brands. And I love it!

Now I’m living in Monaco, where I continue all my activities.


But few years ago, as a hobby, I decided to launch a blog to share with everyone my taste, finds and my universe.

Lolita Abraham Fashion Blog is much more than a blog today, it’s a real source of inspiration for hundreds thousand of fashion lovers.

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